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Rolling ring Linear Drive Nut  E-mail
Friday, 24 July 2009 04:42
  • Zero backlash
  • Jam-proof design
  • Smooth movement

Model OKRS rolling ring linear drive nuts have zero play when the shaft is rotated ?even during reversal. The threadless shaft won't clog or jam. If the system is somehow overloaded, the shaft simply slips instead of churning and grinding.

  • Use for positioning & reciprocating linear motion applications
  • Smooth movement; ultra-low maintenance
  • Example applications: material handling machines, test and measurement devices, x-y table movement, packaging & converting equipment.
  • Drives available separately or on shaft in custom assembly.
  • Wide range of sizes for varying linear speeds & axial thrust
Manually slide drive using release lever (free movement lever). Eliminates the need to "jog" the system on and off in order to position the drive.



Typical Applications
X-Y positioning table
Indexing with proximity switches
The Okcoil OKRS rolling ring linear actuator converts the rotary motion input of a smooth, unthreaded shaft into linear output. Designed for indexing, measuring, positioning and PLC-controlled operations, OKRS linear actuators have applications in a variety of automated manufacturing industries including textile, automotive, metrology and machining.

If your design requires smooth, backlash-free linear movement, an OKRS rolling ring actuator is an economical, low maintenance solution. The Okcoil OKRS drive is used in equipment requiring a linear motion drive including packaging machines, test & measurement equipment, X-Y table movement, opening/closing systems, and CNC machines.

If your in-house engineering group designs and builds production machinery at your facility, Okcoil can provide the OKRS rolling ring linear actuators, shafting, parts and engineering services you need to construct rolling ring linear motion assemblies.

If you typically purchase custom-made motion assemblies as a sub-assembly to your production machinery, Okcoil can provide the complete OKRS rolling ring linear motion assembly ready for installation into your manufacturing equipment, and connection to the drive motor.

Either way, Okcoil applications engineers are available by phone to help with drive selection, assembly installation, operating your rolling ring system and ongoing technical support.

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