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Rolling Ring Technology

A better solution for linear motion
"Rolling ring" linear drives are used worldwide to meet a variety of positioning and reciprocating linear motion applications. "Rolling ring" technology converts the rotary motion of a smooth, threadless shaft into linear output at  linear drive pitch (distance moved per one shaft revolution).

Zero backlash. Jam-proof design.

Rolling Ring linear drives have zero play when the shaft is rotated ?even during reversal. The threadless shaft won't clog or jam. If the system is somehow overloaded, the shaft simply slips instead of churning and grinding.

  • Use rolling ring drives for positioning , rotary to linear motion applications & reciprocating linear motion control applications.
  • Example applications: material handling machines, winding equipment, test and measurement devices, x-y table movement, packaging & converting equipment. More application details
  • Smooth movement; ultra-low maintenance.
  • Drives available separately or on shaft in custom assembly.
  • Wide range of sizes for varying linear speeds & axial thrust.

Free movement lever

The Free Movement Lever on a rolling ring drive lets you slide the drive anywhere along the shaft without need to turn on the motor. This dramatically reduces wear and tear and the system and eliminates the need to jog the drive into place by turning the motor on and off.

free movement of rolling ring linear drives
Model OK drive
An alternative to electronic controls.

okcoil rolling ring linear drive

The Okcoil rolling ring linear drive is an alternative to electronically controlled linear motor drives system. Travel direction and linear speed are mechanically controlled in a Okcoil system. This eliminates electronics and programming and greatly simplifies set-up and operation.


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