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Rolling Ring Drive type OKA
Home Okcoil Products Rolling Ring Drive type OKA

Rolling Ring Linear Drive type OKA

(Traverse Unit, Rolling Ring Drive, Linear Motion Drives)

linear motionName: General Rolling ring linear drive
Item No.: OKA
Description: OKA series rolling ring drives have three rolling rings inside their cases, which are divided into eight types according to the diameter of the shafts.
1) OKA15 (Shaft15mm)
2) OKA20 (Shaft Ø20mm)
3) OKA22 (Shaft Ø22mm)
4) OKA25 (Shaft Ø25mm)
5) OKA30 (Shaft Ø30mm)
6) OKA40 (Shaft Ø40mm)
7) OKA50 (Shaft Ø50mm)
8) OKA60 (Shaft Ø60mm)

linear actuatorName: Rolling ring Linear Drive with Four rolling rings
Item No.: 4R-OKA
Description: OKA-5 series rolling ring drives have four rolling rings inside their case, which can supply double thrust force. Five types are available.
1) 4R-OKA15 (Shaft Ø15mm)
2) 4R-OKA20 (Shaft Ø20mm)
3) 4R-OKA22 (Shaft Ø22mm)
4) 4R-OKA30 (Shaft Ø30mm)
5) 4R-OKA40 (Shaft Ø40mm)

linear motion systemsName Rolling Ring Linear Drive with Iron Case
Item No.: I-OKA
Description: The cases of OKA-2 series rolling ring drives are made of cast iron, and the cases of OKA-4 and OKA-5 are made of aluminium alloy. OKA-2 is suitable to severe conditions working under large thrust force long time such as winding steel wire. Six type of OKA-2 are available.
1) I-OKA15 (Shaft Ø15mm)
2) I-OKA20 (Shaft Ø20mm)
3) I-OKA30 (Shaft Ø30mm)
4) I-OKA40 (Shaft Ø40mm)
5) I-OKA50 (Shaft Ø50mm)
6) I-OKA60 (Shaft Ø60mm)

Rolling Ring Linear Drives for Reciprocating Motion Control Applications

Okcoil rolling ring drives simplify set-up and operation by eliminating the need for complex controls and programming. Linear motion speed and travel direction are mechanically controlled independently of the drive motor. Example applications: winding machines, spray & coating equipment, scanning devices, other applications requiring repetitive "back-and-forth" linear motion.

Okcoil rolling ring drives convert the rotary motion of a threadless shaft into backlash-free linear motion output. The absence of threads means there is no clogging or jamming. If the system is somehow overloaded, the shaft simply slips instead of churning and grinding. (See How it Works)

Special machining and compression of the rolling ring bearing assembly prevent backlash, and make it unnecessary to design-in, or purchase, extra anti-backlash solutions such as preloaded nuts, shims or double enveloping gears. There is never any "play" between shaft and bearing. Rotary motion input from the shaft is therefore immediately converted into linear motion output with no backlash including during reversal of the system.

rolling ring assembly inside housing

A free movement lever (F-lever) is optional on rolling ring drives making it possible to slide the drive with its attached load, anywhere along the shaft without having to turn on the motor. The F-lever reduces wear and tear on the system by eliminating the need to "jog" the motor on and off to maneuver the drive into place.

free movement laver of rolling ring drive

Okcoil traverse drives are available separately or on the shaft in a custom assembly. The drives come in a wide range of sizes for varying linear speeds and axial thrust requirements.

changing linear motion speed and direction
Okcoil Drive in Production Assembly

Rate of linear movement

Each size Okcoil rolling ring linear drive has a different maximum linear pitch - the linear distance the drive travels per one shaft revolution. The higher the motor RPMs, the faster the drive will travel its maximum linear pitch.

The pitch dial on the drive enables a 10:1 turndown on linear pitch. This is accomplished without changing gears or adjusting motor speed.

For example, the Model OK15 has a maximum linear pitch of 11 mm. With the pitch dial set at number 10, the drive will travel 11 mm with each shaft revolution. By turning the pitch dial to number 1, users reduce the travel distance (and therefore linear speed) per shaft revolution to 1.1 mm ?regardless of motor speed.

The following chart lists Okcoil drives with their respective maximum linear pitch ratings.

Model OKModel 4R-OK
Model Linear Pitch max. mm
OK15 11
OK22 17
OK25 21
OK30 25
OK40 32
OK50 40
OK60 48
Model Linear Pitch max. mm
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